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dü - Fondue and Raclette in Saas-Fee

A warm Welcome at dü - the Fondue Hitta in Saas-Fee!

Your host Astrid knows how to celebrate the alpine way of life, mixing the trendy and the traditional. With its sincere and down-to-earth ambiance, dü is fitted with two large tables where guests can enjoy informal and authentic valaisian interaction. There is no better way to have conversations that are as rich in content as the valaisian meals we serve. The menu covers freshly prepared meat and cheese Fondues, Raclette and valaisian dried meats as well as crisp salads. We only use seasonal and regional products of the highest quality. The wine menu is literally a declaration of love to the Valais; the selection ranges from a brisk Heida to an earthy and flavorful Humagne Rouge.

Experience unforgettable hours at this special place and book your seat now at the Hitta